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An honestly impressive 8/10 from the genuine review panel of CyclingPlus, a UK biking magazine which is available worldwide, and online at bikeradar.com

Our products were reviewed in the magazine
New Zealand Mountain Biker and what follows
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Aspiring Cyclewear are a small Nelson-based manufacturer of retro styled merino long and short sleeved cycle tops. Testing one of their short sleeve offerings proved to be the easiest review l've ever undertaken. Why? The short version is that this top is my favourite riding top ever. Nevertheless, here's the long version: the Aspiring Cyclewear top is made from 180 gram New Zealand wool, which was soft to the touch, didn't get clammy when sweaty, shrugged off encounters with brambles, wasnt too hot on balmy Wellington's hottest spring days, yet still did a good iob of keeping me warm when it got chilly. But perhaps one of the best features of merino wool is that it takes quite a while for it to stink, which means it can be worn multiple times before being thrown in the machine.

Sizing advice on Aspiring Cyclewear's website was spot on: the fit is snug without being tight. I particularly like the simple styling and while it's clearly based on the roadie tops of the 40's and 50s' it looks good mountain biking too. lt has a 15cm front zip and three traditional slightly elasticised rear pockets, which for the main part went unused under my pack, but can happily hold gels and anti-cramp for racing duties. There are colour options covering the whole spectrum and if you're looking for something extra-special, customised printing across the chest and even some custom colours are available upon request. At $155, the pricing could also be considered retro - rather than being throwaway cheap, it's great value for a high quality garment made in New Zealand that promises to give years of good service. You can't say fairer than that. I'm looking forward to winter providing me an excuse to check out the long sleeve options...
Carl Patton
New Zealand Mountain Biker Magazine

Personal Testimonials

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a wonderful product. I live in the US and visit NZ 2-3/yr. During my last visit to Nelson in December I met you and purchased a short and long sleeved shirts. I've been using them while riding in Colorado mountains. Just completed an 80k trip today and through wind, sun and clouds (temp: about 15c) your shirt keep me extremely comfortable. I love them!!!! Just wanted you to know. Thanks again!!!!"
David Johns USA

"I received my jersey and almost immediately wore it to and early morning recce on Fleetwood Prom. Later that day it was out again on the actual ride. 2 days later we were out MTBing with a group in rather inclement weather and the jersey once again kept me warm, cool and dry as and when it needed to. A few more off road rides followed over the next week and then it was off to Cardigan to meet my friend Sheila and take part in the Preselli Angel Sportive ride. It was a cool day with a chilly wind, but when the sun came out on the climbs it was very warm indeed. Again the jersey seemed to know what to do and kept me comfortable even when swooping down chilly descents after sweating up the other side. Much more cycling has followed and the jersey is an automatic choice every time."

"So, thank you very much, and to anyone out there wondering if an Aspiring Cyclewear Merino wool top is going to be their next purchase I would say to definitely give it a go. Not cheap, but then again itís not rubbish either!"
Nige Cole UK

"I recently acquired a short sleeve Aspiring cycling top. While I liked the look of it, I was very interested in how it performed. I have been cycling/racing for the past 19 years and have a wardrobe of cycling tops, but none are merino. So I thought the best way to test this merino top was to wear it cycle touring around Akaroa over Easter for 3 days solid. If I wore any of my other cycling tops for 3 days straight, my riding companions would be riding upwind of me by day two. However, with the merino top not one bad smell was evident. Even though I am a female and am only supposed to have a natural glow when under pressure, there were times where I was on my limit riding up 400 vertical metre climbs repeatedly for hours and felt pretty saturated in sweat. However, I never felt uncomfortable from heat and the top dried quickly on the descents. Overall I was very stoked with the top, both on performance and looks!"
Brenda Clapp

"You have a superb product at a reasonable price & it has been a pleasure dealing with you"
Keith Goddard

"I really like the jersey. People seem obsessed with wool for warmth but it's true benefit is its versatility. I was out in it (the Aspiring jersey) yesterday in temperatures over 30C and climbing hills. I have also been out in it in around 15C and been OK. Polyester barely compares".
Chris Ratcliffe.

"I am very pleased with the short sleeved jersey, perfect in all respects. I will be ordering a long sleeved one for winter."
Dave Beadle


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