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About Aspiring Cyclewear

Hi, Iím Rosemary Weir. Creator of Aspiring Cyclewear.

Aspiring Cyclewear was born out of a need for a merino jersey specially designed for cycling. Over the years hiking in the mountains, I have been used to having the natural softness and comfort of merino next to my skin. The advantages I appreciate are that it is fully breathable, absorbing moisture and keeping me comfortable and non-clammy after strenuous exercise. As it is naturally anti-bacterial, body odour is not a problem. When I took up cycling I wanted the same advantages coupled with the features unique to cycle jerseys.

Rosemary Weir. Creator of Aspiring Cyclewear.

When it came to designing the jerseys, the inspiration came from the 1940ís and 1950ís when things were made to last. Natural materials were used, styles were distinctive, comfort and quality were paramount. Hence the retro influence, combined with the features of a snug fit, back pockets for gear and elastic round the bottom to hold the jersey in place.

The merino wool for these garments comes from Central Otago in New Zealand. Temperatures there are often extreme. Snowy, windy and icy in winter, hot and dry in summer. Merino sheep have adapted to these conditions and produce a soft and fine wool which helps them cope with all the extremes the weather can bring. So translate that into a garment for humans to cope with temperature extremes when out cycling, and you can see why merino is a natural choice.

I hope you enjoy wearing these jerseys as much as I do.


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